Rosie's Story

A Woman of substance and class who was the epitome of love, who gave selflessly to others, compassionate and walked around daily with a heart of Christ. A Woman who fed and clothed many, not just her family, but who always had an open door for those who were in need. You could always find a good home cooked meal on her stove and an atmosphere that offered encouragement, hope and inspiration to all who crossed paths with her. A great Woman to this world and her name was Rosie Gail, affectionately known as "Rosie."

As you enter one of the various restaurant locations affix your eyes, you will find her picture where an experience of her spirit will meet your soul. Rosie graced us with her presence into this world on July 24, 1952. She blossomed beautifully inside and out, deep dimples and a contagious smile that was captivating to the heart. Rosie grew up in Dothan Alabama, brains and beauty was just a glimpse of who she was, she wore the full armor of confidence and brilliance. She carried a purse of "care and concern" for the socioeconomic well-being of people and after completing high school, she went on to pursue a college degree from Troy University, in Troy Alabama, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work.

Her family was everything to her. She married the love of her life Elrie Stephens Jr. and was blessed with two loving children, one Son named Brandy and one Daughter named Ericka. She created a home atmosphere of love, wisdom and good home cooking! All who visited her home where sure to leave with full bellies and nuggets of wisdom to take away. Her roast beef and décor of vegetables topped off with candied yams were one of her best prepared meals. Although she is absent in the physical, her love for cooking meals, carries on and was the vision behind this establishment bearing the name "Rosie's," a rosebud who was full of life.

Rosie answered the call to go and be with our heavenly father on August 28, 2010 and left a legacy of love and recipes of wisdom behind. She was a devout believer of our lord and savior Jesus Christ and encouraged daily to love God first, to love one another and to work hard to succeed in life.

Join us as we continue to keep her legacy alive, her humorous nature and her often stated comment "Honey Boom!". As the rose looks down from heaven, it is our sincere hope that it makes you happy to see the legacy of love that continues to live on.

To our customers, we extend a heartfelt thank you and we love you for the continued support. In memory of Rosie Gail, a portion of the profits will be donated to the Lung Cancer Foundation of America. Although Rosie is in heaven looking down, she can see an atmosphere that cultivates who she truly was and humorously she is saying "I am not dead yet!" As Rosie lives in our heart, we must continue to carry out the main ingredient to her recipe of life which was love.