Fourth Ward Blend - Medium Dark Roast

Fourth Ward Blend - Medium Dark Roast


Origin: Central and South America

Flavor: Candied Walnut, Oak, Bakers Chocolate

Roast: Medium Dark


Historic Noir Coffee Group Inc., is a minority owned and operated corporation based in Atlanta, GA. We work with national coffee roasters to procure high-quality green coffee beans, or coffee in its post-harvest stage. Our retail blends are from coffee beans that are grown and imported from various regions within Central and South America. Our organization started as an idea that our CEO, Ricardo Richardson had in 2009. His goal was to build a coffee business that provided businesses in Atlanta with a premium product, at affordable pricing. Ricardo, initially sourced our coffee beans and roasting through a friend from the West African country of Senegal. Soon, his childhood friends, Deron Moreman and Christopher Brown joined the team to help grow and develop the corporate structure and brand. With over 20 combined years of operations and sales experience, Deron and Christopher were superb assets to the team. We select high quality beans to provide a premium product at an affordable cost. In developing our blends, we’ve achieved balance and consistency between differing components and characteristics. Because coffee varieties from around the world have their own signature flavor components, we can combine various beans to craft a desired flavor profile. Each of our blends has its own unique character, which we’ve designed with great care and purpose. We’ve developed a selection of great blends and created an achievable plan. A plan that will enable our business to make a tremendous imprint in a U.S. industry where minority ownership and participation is under-represented.

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